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Cracked, loose, or broken tile in your bathroom can turn into a major issue if not properly repaired.

replacing water damaged shower tiles and drywall backer board for customer in Ocala, FL

Water from the tub or shower can seep behind the tiles and cause major issues. If water gets trapped behind your tile it can cause dangerous issues with mold, building material decay, and could even contribute to insect infiltration.

Water and many building materials do not mix well. Many of the materials used to control the moisture in our bathrooms like tile, glass, and fiberglass are water proof. Some of the materials used to construct your bathroom are not waterproof.

Water can be one of the most destructive forces on earth.

A small drop can bore trough the hardest surfaces known to man. Water in your home can be just as destructive if it gets into areas that it isn’t supposed to be.

Some contractors used drywall or some other “water resistant” material in shower areas that will not stand up to moisture. The framing material used to build your walls or shower enclosure, usually pressure treated wood, although water resistant will rot when it is in constant contact with water. What does that mean for you? A cracked tile, loose tile, or even loose grout if left unchecked, may cause a much more extensive repair.

What are the signs that you have a more serious problem than just a loose tile?

  • The area has stubborn or recurring mildew despite regular cleaning
  • Musty or damp smell to the area
  • Discolored or cracked grout
  • Pealing or loose caulk joints
  • Visible rust or discoloration around areas where tile meets other surfaces
  • If the tile that has fallen off or is loose has full coverage of adhesive or thin set

What should you do if you discover a loose or broken bathroom tile?

Make sure the area stays clean and dry. If possible discontinue use of the area to make sure no moisture gets behind the tile. If it isn’t possible to discontinue use of the area, use plastic or some other waterproof material to protect the area from water intrusion. Determine the cause of the problem. Is it form a poor quality installation of the tile? Is there evidence of moisture on the backer boards? Are any other tiles effected?

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